The festival

Hollywood has always been keen to use the water and sailing and yachting as a subject for film, but they have always struggled to portray it well. However, there is a wealth of great films telling the stories of adventure and hardship which people have gone through to push the boundaries of our sport.

In this film festival we will take the very best of maritime and yachting films and show them, but we will also look at the stories behind them and the legacy they have left. Each film will be accompanied by a talk or an additional short film – harking back to the good old days of cinema being a proper event.

We will also be running workshops to help you make better films for yourself and supporting to start your own film-making career (well – putting yourself on YouTube anyway!). That along with great classic films and Hollywood blockbusters makes this the pace to be in mid-January. After all, where else would you want to be? (Except perhaps sailing in the Caribbean!)