The Woolverstone Project

The Woolverstone Project is a charity which provides sailing and powerboating experiences for people with disabilities. It operates from two bases (Alton Water (sailing) and Woolverstone (sailing and powerboating)) and provides a safe environment that still allows the sense of freedom and exhilaration that sailing and powerboating can give. Whilst we are not a life-saving charity, we can be life-changing; often giving people trapped by a disability a freedom they thought they had lost. We have 23 specially adapted dinghies at Alton Water which are used all year round, while we also operate two larger boats from Woolverstone during the summer season.

During 2018 we ran 507 sessions. In total this meant that we offered a service for 1186 sailors, 917 carers and for the provision of this service were supported by 353 volunteers. The peak month was June during which time we had 268 sailors, 181 carers and were supported by 28 volunteers.